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I provide programming and computer services to businesses and individuals in-person in the Milwaukee area and remotely throughout the world. My goal is to exceed expectations while providing excellent customer service. Read about services offered.

Capital Master Android App Now Available

The Capital Master Android app is now available from Google Play. Capital Master is also available as a Chrome app in the Chrome Web Store or directly through your web browser as a HTML5 app. Use the links below to get Capital Master now!

Android App from Google Play

Direct Link to Android application package file (APK)

New Project - Capital Master

I have released a new project called Capital Master to the public. The title is self-explanatory, it is a game/learning tool that quizzes the user on their capital city knowledge. I plan on maintaining it so please feel free to provide feedback.

Head over to the Capital Master project page for more details and to give it a try.

Drupal 7 - Creating a Simple Custom Module

Drupal can be heavily customized, but developers should not modify any of Drupal's core code. A common phase within the Drupal community is Do not hack core. Drupal uses a modular architecture and allows customizations to be isolated and deployed within individual modules. In the Services section of this website I wanted to provide a list of my programming skills so that customers would know which technologies I can work with.

SQL Server - T-SQL Script to Backup All Databases

The SQL Server Agent and database maintenance plan wizards are unavailable in SQL Server Express, so a quick and easy way to backup all databases on a schedule is to call a T-SQL script using Windows Task Scheduler. The sqlcmd program can be called from a task to execute the script on SQL Server 2005 or greater and osql can be called on SQL Server 2000. To get to Windows Task Scheduler open the Run dialog box in Windows and enter "control schedtasks".

SQL Server - Search for String in All Tables of Database

In the article Oracle PL/SQL - Search for String in All Tables of Schema I promised to show how to search for a string in all tables of a SQL Server database using T-SQL. Replacing the @SearchStr variable in the script below will perform a case-insensitive search for the string in all tables not shipped with SQL Server in the current database. The script searches every column and will report the exact column where a match is found, but this could run quite slowly if you have many large tables.

Windows Command Line - Make a UNC Path the Current Directory

By default the Windows command line does not support a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path, or network path, as the current directory. Sometimes you may want to quickly make a UNC path such as \\ComputerName\SharedFolder the current directory from the command line so you can easily run commands or just explore the file structure with dir and cd commands.

Oracle PL/SQL - Search for String in All Tables of Schema

When doing database work I may have a string that I want to search through all tables for, especially if I am unfamiliar with the logical schema I am working with and I only have a string to help lead me to the proper table(s).

The following Oracle PL/SQL script can perform a case-insensitive search for a specified string in all tables under a specified schema owner on Oracle Database 11g or greater.

My limited experience: Wikipedia actually works

The collaborative nature of Wikipedia has always been a controversial component of its character. Critics question the ability for a resource that can be edited by anyone to be taken seriously, warning that truth by consensus makes it too easy for misinformation to spread.

New Hosting Provider

I just moved this site to a new hosting provider and I am pleased with the switch so far; the site is loading much quicker. The main reason I switched was because I was unhappy with the performance of the site with my old host. I am using more expensive business class shared hosting, but I am willing to pay more for the better service. I will continue to monitor the site and if I continue to be pleased with the results, I will publicly recommend the web hosting provider.

MikeRodey.com is online!

Thanks for visiting my new site. I hope you enjoy your time here and come back again. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me or register and post a comment on this article.